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Scribble Scram


You draw the track as the car drives! Scribble Scram is a car driving game that is funny, entertaining and addictive. The style is of kids crayon drawings, making it colorful, crazy and charming. Choose between the boy character of Scribble Scram Dan or the girl character of Scribble Scram Jan. Journey through the kindergarten artwork which includes: - Your family portrait including your dogs.- Sharks, whales and Nemo - style clown fish.- Alien invasion on Planet Mars.- Monster from under the bed!
If you think this game is only for kids, think again. It will test your concentration and steadiness of hand as you draw the path on which the car drives. Collect cupcakes along the way as bonuses. Most importantly, dont fall off the track or wreck your car!
This game was created using libLOL - "The Lehigh Overlay for LibGDX"
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